Monday, November 23, 2009

Blow to control

SensoryMinds tweeted an interesting user interface posted at Multitouch+NUI – This Blows. The UI is called BAMB and proposed by Be a Mind Blower. Let’s first see BAMB in action.

It is said that the BAMB interface uses Zyxio’s SensaWaft technology. The video below shows the performance of the adopted sensor system. Good. It seems that it can track directions of blowing with well implemented noise cancellation algorithms.

So, the next thing is to find out what technology they really have used. I’ve studied the website and their patents (US20090249202 and US20090247222)

Method and System for Processing Signals that Control a Device Using Human Breath (US20090249202) -

Method And System For Providing A User Interface That Enables Control Of A Device Via Respiratory And/Or Tactual Input -

But, at this time, I can only tell that the SensaWaft seems to use a MEMS air pressure sensor and recognition algorithms. The patents do not show much about its technologies.

So, let’s explore other direction. Are similar products or concepts out there? Here are lists of what I found on the Internet.

Pantech’s IM-S410K blow-controlled mobile phone via CNET Asia

IMS-S410K adopts Emotion Framework developed by Fantalog Interactive.


This video clip shows a demo of breath-controlled photo browsing.


Nintendo also has showed off games that use game's blows. Since I’m not familiar with gaming, let the following articles say something for me.

“You blow into the mic to make someone on the upper screen blow bubbles in his drink”
'The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks' (NDS) - New Screens, WorthPlaying
“Link uses a variety of new items and weapons, including the Whirlwind, which players activate by blowing into the microphone of the NDS or NDSi system.”

Links: Be a Mind Blower and Zyxio via SensoryMinds and Multitouch+NUI

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