Thursday, November 26, 2009

Enjoy Haptic Experience of Time with MeltedAlarm Clock

Melted Alarm Clock


Have you ever seen a bed mattress with an alarm clock? Well, this innovative approach has been successfully experimented by Florian Schärfer. The product features the coolest clock-bed combo design that you may never have seen before. A Haptic, touch sensitive alarm with speakers and controls are ingeniously embedded within a bed. Incorporating a novel concept, the ‘MeltedAlarm clock’ is a masterpiece that offers you the comfort of a bed and service of a clock. So, now you can comfortably sleep and get up just on time to attend your important meetings/engagements. Brainchild of Florian Schärfer, the product is equipped with three control icons that let you to set your radio frequency along with alarm time.


Melted Alarm Clock


Talking about its specifications, the clock segments of the product are thinly designed and are skillfully hidden beneath the fine fabric. The segments are made of silicon that give the emboss feel by means of slat of EAPs (electro active polymer). When switched on, the electricity activates the functioning of the clock. The slat expands and lifts up the silicon segment when activated, thus giving the embossed numbers of the clock. Ensuring there remains no loopholes in the design and to make it user-friendly the silicon segment as well as the EPS slat is fixed in a small case. These small cases are expertly arranged on a platen. Thus cleaning of the bed sheet becomes easier for the users. When dirty, one can wash the sheet by removing the platen with the clock components.


This unique yet useful radio-alarm clock allows you to have a haptic experience of time without requiring you to open your eyes or turn on a light to see the time. Its all there just with a simple touch. The ‘MeltedAlarm clock’ with its radio-alarm feature finely integrated in the mattress of the bed is an interesting product, worth a try.


Source: florianschaerfer via Yanko Design

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