Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Litl Webbook - Multi-purpose Gadget for the ‘Not-So-Tech-Savvies’

Image by litl via Flickr

Litl webbook is the gadget that even the techno phobic members won’t mind using. It’s a multitasking portable device that allows the user to surf web, play video, display photos and also use it for several other regular functions that often laptop performs. Designed mainly to cater to the needs of home users, this mini 12-inch webbook has a user friendly and easy operating interface that can be easily used even by kids and elderly people. Just like a regular PC, it pulls content from the web via cloud-computing services. However, the system is engineered in such a manner that it pulls not only content, but also different applications from existing web-based services, like Google apps, Flickr and YouTube. The respective content is displayed as “channels” which can be easily flipped by using the wheel attached into Litl Webbook’s hinge, or even by using the remote control.
In contrast with laptops and netbooks, this easy-to-use device can be flipped over into easel mode and kept upright like a digital photo frame. When not using it as a laptop, you can simply prop this mini yet hi-tech gadget up as an easel and set it to display photos of your choice or stream some content from popular websites. Litl Webbook is equipped with plug-and-play connectivity by way of an HDMI output port that allows the users to connect their TV set to this portable device and enjoy their favorite shows with no interruption. Moreover, it features a wide degree viewing angle that allows a larger number of people to clearly view the screen at the same time.
Unlike PCs, this device has been designed such that there are interactions with content and not with computer hardware. As part of this technique, the monitors and status indicators are not displayed onscreen at all time, but are monitored in the background and can be brought to a user’s attention only when required. Though not an ideal substitute of laptop, it definitely is an ideal product for home users because it’s less complex to operate and simple to maintain.


Link: litl via CrunchGear

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