Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smart Measure Cup – Displays Volume Accurately!

Smart Measure Cup
Say goodbye to the various sizes of measuring cups that crowd your kitchen and create a messy situation when you need to measure different items. The Smart Measure Cup is a hassle-free solution for most of your measuring worries in the kitchen. Designers Ryan Eder & Chris Daniels designed the Smart Measure cup for Priority Designs, which is known for its innovative designs that truly blend necessity and invention together. Taylor Kitchenware has manufactured this smart product developing on the initial prototype, published in Yanko Designs.
The Smart Measure Cup, as the name suggests, helps in measuring food items with ease. It has a small backlit LCD screen that displays unit type as well as the volume accurately. It also has unit conversions for you to choose the type of unit you want to select depending on your recipe. The Smart Measure Cup also allows the user to pre-set the volume prior to measuring. It has a small beeper that beeps as you exceed the volume pre-set by you earlier and makes you doubly sure that you take the exact amount effortlessly. The LCD screen can be detached from the cup before you wash the cup. This ensures that the LCD screen does not get wet and makes the use of the cup even more practical and simple.
As the manufacturer of modern kitchenware, Taylor aim to make your effort in the kitchen less tiring and more of a fun time with newer appliances and the Smart Measure Cup is yet another addition to it. Though the original Smart Measure Cup design appeared to be much more trendy and stylish, the manufactured version -Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale - tries to make it affordable to even a stiff pocket. And no matter which unit your recipe book suggests, you have a simple answer and you need not use a calculator to help you convert the volume before measuring.

Link: Really Really Smart, Yanko Design

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