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Touch Screen, Multi Touch, and Touch User Interface Resources

Our tribute to touch user interface - a massive list of touch screen, multi touch, and touch UI stuff. It's far from comprehensive, but we promise to update it frequently.

Please do not be shy in terms of sending us emails or leaving comments. We will do our best to include your info.

Touch User Interface Overview
Multi-Touch Systems that I Have Known and Loved An overview of multi-point touch systems and their history.
RESOURCES: Natural User Interaction, InfoViz, Multi-touch, Blog roll, and More
Ways to Use Multi Touch
Readings in Touch Screen, Multi Touch, and Touch User Interface
Touch Screen, Multi Touch, and Touch User Interface News
A list of interactive tables
Interactive Gestures
Touch Topics Helpful resource of definitions of technologies, terms and trends of the touch industry provided by 3M
NUI Group Community Wiki 
Old Lists for Touch User Interface
ITO, CNT transparent conductive film makers
Multi Touch Resources: July 19, 2008
Touch User Interface Resources - Labs and Projects
Touch User Interface Resources - References
Touch User Interface Resources - People and Blogs
Touch Screen and Sensor Companies and Consultants

People, Blogs, and Forums

TUI Blogs
Touch User Interface
TUI Favorites
Multitouch Maven Your guide to natural interfaces
Interactive Multimedia Technology
Multitouch++ Richard Monson-Haefel is a designer/developer and multi-touch independent industry analyst.
Multitouch blogs A directory and aggregator of multi-touch news sites, blogs, and podcasts

Blog Rolls
Bill Buxton
NUI Group - Natural User Interface Group We are an interactive media group researching and creating open source machine sensing techniques to benefit artistic and educational applications.
Deconstructing the NUI Joshua Blake's blog on natural interface, multi-touch devices, and gestural interfaces. (added November 18, 2009)
Dan Saffer Saffer shines a light on one of the most important human-technology interaction paradigms of the 21st century: using our bodies as input devices. This book is an essential reference work for anyone looking to advance human-technology interactions beyond dials, knobs, keyboards, and mice. —Nathan Moody, Design Director, Stimulant
Designing Gestural Interfaces A New O’Reilly Book by Dan Saffer
Johnny Chung Lee
Jun Rekimoto
Ki-Uk Kyung's Haptics Homepage Dr. K.-U. Kyung, who is a research scientist at MIT touch lab, has joined many interesting haptics projects.
kyle philips Kyle Phillips is a Minneapolis-based interaction designer and developer actively working on installation and web experiences. This portfolio represents Kyle's selected works in the fields of interactive, web, and print design.
Memo (Mehmet) Akten Featuring several audio/video/multi-touch interaction systems.
Microsoft Surface Blog & Discussion Forum (Unofficial). Interacting with MultiTouch Input Devices and More. All about Microsoft Surface Multi-Touch Tabletop
Multi Touch News coverage blog focused on the Multi Touch industry
Multi-Touch Interface Research A research project by Strukt Design Studio
multitouch dev blog
Multitouch Environment Research Barcelona
Patrick Baudisch Patrick Baudisch is a research scientist in the field of human-computer interaction at the Adaptive Systems and Interaction Research Group at Microsoft Research, as well as an Affiliate Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Washington. His research focus is on interaction with small screen devices, which evolved from a series of research projects on interaction with wall displays he started at Xerox PARC. While at Fraunhofer-IPSI and during his stay as a guest researcher at the GroupLens project at the University on Minnesota, Baudisch worked on user interfaces for information filtering systems. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.
Planar Embedded: The Engineer View
RENCI Vis Group Multi-Touch Blog Developing multitouch hardware and applications for research and experimentation.
Shafiq ur Réhman Mr. Réhman is currently PhD candidate at the Digital Media Lab (DML). DML is a part of the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics (TFE) at Ume� University, Sweden . The main focus of his research is Multi-modal Signal Processing and Interaction Theory. In general the focus of his research is on the development of new types of HCI devices by inheriting knowledge from the various sciences such as psychophysics, computer vision, applied electronics and engineering. Currently , he is working on "Tactile perception of facial expression for visually disabled persons" project .
Small Surfaces - mobile user interface design / user experience design / interaction design resources Small Surfaces is a site about design for mobile technology. This site tracks articles about interaction design, user interface design, user experience, usability and social trends related to mobile devices. Published by Gabriel White.
The Multi Touch Screen The First Site Dedicated to Multi Touch Technology News Since 2006.
Touch Usability News and research on touch interfaces
Surface Developer
Multitouch Sandbox A Sandbox Mídias Interativas desenvolve aplicações e mídias interativas com criatividade e inovação. Especializada em criações para a web, a Sandbox transforma sua presença na internet em experiências inesquecíveis para seus clientes.
Bryan Chung
UI Addict
Microsoft Surface Blog
Multitouch South Africa Leading multitouch development in South Africa
iTouch:: Haptic Interaction Lab
Multitouch blog by Harry van der Veen - CEO Natural User Interface (software, hardware and services)
Touchscreen Blog
Euisik Yoon
Dr. Roel Vertegaal Dr. Roel Vertegaal is Associate Professor in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and director of the Human Media Laboratory. He is also CTO of Xuuk, Inc., a startup that develops attention sensors for interactive, real-world viewing statistics gathering.
Just another multi-touch-blog | Touch it!
Hexable Blog
Chris Harrison's Homepage Acoustic Touch Sensing
Raphael Wimmer - Media Informatics Developer of CapToolKit
Anne Roudaut Page perso de Anne Roudaut
Kyle McDonald Kyle McDonald is an artist based in Troy, NY, working with experimental interactive generative computational new media art whatnot.
Seth Sandler|MTmini and Audiotouch creator, musician, and thought enthusiast Seth Sandler is a musician, educator, thought enthusiast, programmer, and artist. Most notably known for his Multitouch Mini (MTmini) and development on the musical platform Audiotouch.

Labs and Projects

DTFlash: Rapid Prototyping for Multi-User Multi-Touch Applications DTFlash (DiamondTouch-Flash) is a project to develop next-generation rapid prototyping support that leverages an authoring environment rather than a more general-purpose programming environment. DTFlash will advance research into hardware and software to support multiple users interacting simultaneously with two hands on the same surface, and is designed to flush out multi-user interaction aspects more quickly and expose new areas of focus.
Electric Field Imaging
Fraunhofer Touchglobe
Gyrocube Sensuous
Extra Touch - Project Extra Touch project: multi-touch control surface Advanced Input Systems’ existing touch-screen offerings only support single-touch controls. We are to develop a software navigation engine that will enable AIS to offer multi-touch control surfaces.
HAPI - haptic interaction for mobile devices Haptic interface project in collaboration with Nokia
Harvard Biorobotics Laboratory The research areas of the lab include tactile sensing, display, and imaging
HP Labs Research : MMSL : Projects : DJammer
KISS Institute for Practical Robotics Educational Robotics Cyber Laboratory The site has a tutorial on touch sensors
Laser-based tracking for real-time gesture acquisition
Media Interaction Lab The Media Interaction Lab is a research lab hosted at the Digital Media department of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg. The Media Interaction Lab integrates research and education, providing students with a project-based learning environment. Both undergraduate and graduate students from the Digital Media department within the University carry out projects in the lab. Students can undertake projects in the lab as part of their studies or alternatively work in the lab as an extracurricular activity. Currently, the lab is working on a range of projects in collaboration with industry and academia. Over the past five years, the research group has mainly focused on exploring the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Interactive Environments as a medium for dramatic experience. The lab’s research has three main focuses: exploring novel rendering techniques, developing applications for augmented reality and mixed reality, and developing novel user interfaces. Currently, the lab hosts 3 PhD students and over 10 graduate students.
MERL Diamond Touch
Microsoft LucidTouch
MIT Bar of Soap
Multi-Touch Interaction Research
nano touch Back-of-the device interface for very small devices (See also LucidTouch)
PointScreen PointScreen™ makes it possible to control the computer intuitively with gestures. The user navigates by merely pointing toward the screen; contrary to touch screen technology, the interaction proceeds completely without touch.
reactable People at Universitat Pompeu Fabra presented a tabletop interface called reactable.
SenseSurface - Girton Labs Cambridge
SmartSkin: An Infrastructure for Freehand Manipulations on Interactive Surfaces Smart skin project investigates a new sensor architecture for making interactive surfaces that are sensitive to human hand and finger gestures. This sensor recognizes multiple hand positions and their shapes as well as calculates the distances between the hands and the surface by using capacitive sensing and a mesh-shaped antenna. In contrast to camera-based gesture recognition systems, all sensing elements can be integrated within the surface, and this method does not suffer from lighting and occlusion problems.
ideo-multitouch - Google Code
CUBIT CUBIT is an interactive surface for multitouch interactions. It was designed with the intention to redefine visual computing and depart from the mouse pointer paradigm. Fingers are seen as points of location, areas of contact, and vectors. Based on these sensory inputs the interface tries to generate graphical widgets which behave along preconceived human notions of physical objects.
TouchWall » Arrow Sign In to participate in discussions. TouchWall TouchWall is an Office Labs experiment that explores alternative ways to interact with information on a vertical canvas. TouchWall is built on Plex technology, an Office Labs prototype interaction model. Plex provides TouchWall with new and expanded ways to organize and present content through a more dynamic, natural interface.
Touchless Touchless is an Office Labs Grassroots Project that started from an idea Mike Wasserman, a Microsoft Office Graphics developer, started during his college days to create multi-touch experience using a webcam. Through Office Labs sponsorship, Mike’s weekend hobby turned into an open-source prototype, currently available for download. With just a webcam and color markers, you can get a taste of Touchless through the multi-touch demos provided. Play a pong-like game, rotate maps, control a snake, and draw with markers. If you’re someone technical, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for you to view, contribute to the code, or create your own multi-touch applications to help explore the possibilities.
Hand Gesture Interface Project The Hand Gesture Interface is a real time gestural interface based on 3D dynamic hand gesture recognition using simple webcams. The application captures and recognizes hand gestures of the user wearing colored gloves, where the hand coordinates are obtained via 3D reconstruction from stereo. The developed system aims to be a generic interface for Windows based applications, and provides supplementary features such as an interactive training and gesture defining system, a gesture tutor, a self-calibration utility for the cameras and a tool for linking the interface to different applications. The interface can be used by people with disabilities for various tasks, as well as by common users for controlling of desktop applications. The system can be linked to any third party program through generation of windows based mouse and keyboard events.
MPX: The Multi-Pointer X Server The Multi-Pointer X Server (MPX) is a modification of the X Server. A standard X Server only provides one mouse cursor (pointer) and one keyboard focus, regardless of the number of input devices connected. MPX provides the user with multiple mouse cursors and multiple keyboard foci. Multicursor applications have been developed in the past but MPX is the first implementation of a multicursor windowing system (or a multicursor X server).
Research Desktop - Microsoft Research Research Desktop augments the standard desktop environment with concepts and designs that enable new ways of working and managing resources. It provides support in four key areas: Activities, Tools, Library and Notes.
LilyPad Arduino
Touch | Interaction with RFID and NFC Touch is a research project that investigates Near Field Communication (NFC), a technology that enables connections between mobile phones and physical things. We are developing applications and services that enable people to interact with everyday objects and situations through their mobile devices. Touch consists of an inter-disciplinary team involved in social and cultural enquiry, interaction/industrial design, rapid prototyping, software, testing and exhibitions.
TouchOLED – Touch-sensitive signage and lighting
Touchglobe Existing devices for human-computer communication fail to exploit fully the human hand’s potential for action. Standard commercially available mice and touchpads support only one pointer position, at which two or three different actions can be triggered. Keyboards distinguish only discrete points and are not pressure-sensitive. Developers have not yet come up with input devices that allow more sophisticated communication between humans and computers. It might be possible to develop user interfaces enabling, say, a violin player to generate sounds with the computer. Other devices could be used to implement a design process for modelling clay on the computer. Toys could be “awareâ€� of a child’s actions and thus give the impression of being alive.
Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer-Human Interaction | Tai-Chi Create tangible interfaces that will make the interaction possible via augmented physical surfaces, graspable objects and ambient media 
Sparsh : An interactive multi-touch display project A multi-touch multi-user display project from India. Multitouch technology is next-gen human computer interaction.
CATCHYOO - Official Website for interactive floors 'Catchyoo is the leading solution in professional interactive floor, interactive walls and interactive table systems.'
TRKBRD TRKBRD = trackpad + keyboard (added Nov 21, 2009)
MT4j - Multitouch For Java An open source Java™ development platform (added Dec. 3, 2009)


Materials (ITO, CNT, ZNT)
PVI Prime View Internation (PVI) is working on TFT products as well as e-paper solutions. The company is collaborating with F-origin to develop e-paper touch solutions.
Mitsui CNT transparent film maker
Nitto Denko The largest ITO film manufacture
Oike & CO., Ltd. The second largest production company of touch panel film
Sumitomo Metal Mining Product: ITO find powder, ITO ink/Paste, Au-Ag Ink
Teijin Kasei The third largest ITO film manufacturer
Top Nanosys Provider of CNT transparent films.
Cheil Intustries
EIKOS Eikos has strong IP in the filed of CNT transparent film processing and manufacturing (Product performance: sheet resistance 200 ~ 300 Ohm).
Methacrylates - PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten
Touch Controllers
Synaptics Developer of human interface products for mobile computing and communications devices.
Cypress CapSense (Multi Touch Gesture!!!)
Cypress TrueTouc (Multi Touch!!!)
Microchip mTouch
Atmel Touch Solutions (Multi Touch!!)
Analog Devices Touchscreen Controllers Analog Devices offers a range of controller ICs for use with 4-wire resistive touch screens. These touch screen controllers can be used in applications such as smart phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), point of sales terminals and other hand-held products requiring touch screen input. Analog Devices' touch screen controllers have 12 bits of resolution, SPI interface, and low power consumption, making them ideal for use in hand-held portable devices.
Cirque - Capacitive Touch Input Solutions Cirque capacitive touch technology provides flexible, clear, robust, secure touch input solutions.
PenMount Touch Controller
Solomon Systech Limited
QuickView - MAX11810, MAX11811 Advanced Touch Interface Solution with Haptic Controller plus Driver and Proximity Sensing
Touch Sensors
Pressure Profile Systems PPS designs and develops the world's most advanced instrumentation systems for measuring distributed tactile and contact pressures
Tekscan Tekscan's Pressure Mapping Systems and Force Sensors and Measurement Systems are used in applications to provide tactile pressure mapping and force data between two mating surfaces and on dynamic pressure and force events.
XSENSOR XSENSOR measures pressure through its advanced pressure imaging systems, also known as pressure mapping, to offer innovative solutions. The figure below shows a pressure image when a person lies on the bed.
iee IEE is an international company offering innovative sensing solutions enabling people to lead a better, safer and easier life. IEE is the global leader in automotive safety sensing systems for occupant detection and classification. IEE is extending the reach of its sensing technologies to automotive comfort and convenience applications as well as consumer and industrial applications.
Interlink Electronics - Electronic Signatures - Force Sensors Interlink Electronics is one of the worlds leading innovators of intuitive interface designs and electronic signature solutions. eTransactions division grew from our Specialty Division and is a premier provider of Electronic Signature Solutions.
Tactilus Bodyfitter Seat Sensor, Seat Design and Testing The Tactilus Bodyfitter sensor system delivers real-time surface pressure distribution between a person and their seating surface
Fabric Bend Sensor Using conductive thread, Velostat and neoprene, sew your own fabric bend sensor. This bend sensor actually reacts (decr...
Pressure Sensor Matrix Four separate pressure sensors not only give feedback about where I'm pressing, but also how hard. The sensitivity is id...
Conductive Thread Pressure Sensor Stitching conductive thread into neoprene to create a pressure sensitive pad. This sensor is very similar to the Fabric ...
Knit Touchpad This knit touchpad is possible due to the properties of the anti-static gloves, which are sold for handling sensitive el...
Proximity sensors
Displax offers multi-touch skins
Touch Panels, Screens, and Monitors
3M Touch Systems The company provides MicroTouch™ Touch Screen Sensors, MicroTouch™ Touch Screen Monitors, and MicroTouch™ Touch Electronics
AUO Manufacturer of TFT LCD modules and In-Cell Multi-Touch Panel Manufacturer of 4.3" resistive and capacitive in-cell multi-touch panel
Chunghwa Pictrue Tubes, LTD. Manufacturer of TV picture tube, FPD, Component, Tube Equipment and STN-LCD. The company provides 15.4" resistive and 4" capacitive in-cell multi touch panel
Elan Microelectronics Corp. Manufacturer of capacitive touch sensing controller.
Elo TouchSystems Elo TouchSystems develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of touch screen and touch screen monitor products that are designed to simplify user interfaces for computers.
eTouch technologies etouch offers the largest selection of touch screen technologies, CRT touch monitors, and LCD touch monitors and carefully retrofit each product for the demanding requirements of diverse applications, such as industrial, medical, POS, kiosks, retail, hospitality, transportation, office automation, gaming & digital signage solutions.
Fujitsu Fujitsu offers industry-standard 4-wire and our unique 7-wire designs
Gunze USA Gunze USA manufactures transparent analog resistive touch panels adhering to the highest quality standards in custom designs and standard products including circular polarizers and anti-reflective treatments in 4, 5, and 8 wire glass and polycarbonate substrates.
InfiniTouch QSI's InifiniTouch Force Panel Technology exceeds the limits of touch screens and allows complete freedom in your touch design.
NextWindow - interactive touch screen technology NextWindow has very strong optical touch screen technologies. (updated November 18, 2009)
J TOUCH Corporation
Planar Touch Manufacturer of 15", 17" and 19" capacitive, resistive, and SAW touch screen LCDs
RPO RPO is a provider of Digital Waveguide Touch™ touch-screen products
SMK SMK (founded in 1925) is a Japanese company specialized in OEM manufacturing of electromechanical components. They provide two types of touch panels; one is resistive and the other is optical. Especially, SMK resisitive touch panels have great features such as improved transparency, anti-smudge function, panel-embedded force feedback function, etc.
Touch International: The Enhanced User Interface Company Touch International, a leading provider of high-quality touchs screens and touch screen components. Supplier of touch screens manufactured for OEM's, Systems Integrators, and Value Added Resellers.
Touch-Base Ltd - Universal Touch Screen and Controller Drivers Developer and supplier of touchscreen drivers to the touchscreen industry.
Touchpanel Laboratories Touchpanel Laboratories is focused on design,pilot manufacturing, manufacturing and marketing (Analog type・Matrix type) of resisistive touchpanels. - Mass Multimedia Mass Multimedia, Inc. is a computer hardware and software solutions provider that specializes in display systems, touch screen interface systems, information kiosk systems, and related hardware and software.
U-touch U-Touch designs and manufactures interactive touch screen overlays for plasma and large format LCD TFT displays
Vissumo | Touch Screen Innovation
Capacitive Touch Screen - White Electronic Designs
Multi-Touch Screen for LCD/PDP Display|Digital Signage|Interactive Whiteboard Manufacturer - Fineir Technology (Far East) Co. Multi-Touch|Large Size Touchscreen|Interactive Digital Signage|Interactive Whiteboard|DOOH| design and manufacturing, in any size big or small, high precsion, high performance super slim design.
Sensitive Object
CapacitivePlus with Capacitive Touch Technology
Stantum The company, which is headquartered in Bordeaux, France, aims at becoming the major player of resistive multi-touch technology. (added November 18, 2009)
Sensible UI is one and only one provider of multi-touch development kits for individuals and organizations.
Jackito TDA Manufacture of The Fingertip-Touchscreen Pocket Device
F-origin F-origin originally its business with motion and haptics UI. Now, the company is also armed with a new touch technology called zTouch. zTouch seems to use pressure sensors to locate a user's finger.
Touch User Interface (TUI) :: Somatic Digital
Tactapad Tactapad lets you interact with your computer in a direct and natural way.
FingerWorks FingerWorks ergonomic products let you type, point, and gesture on a large touch surface. Its two-handed, zero-force TouchStreams are powerful replacement keyboards available with Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard layouts. iGesture numeric keypads offer a number pad and hand gestures in a USB touchpad.
Multi Touch, UI, and Solutions
Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITEQ) Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITEQ)
Moto Labs They are famous for implementing camera-based and capacitive multi-touch prototypes
IDEUM Ideum provides a full range of exhibit design, Web design, and interactive design services to museums, nonprofit organizations, and socially responsible companies. We create dynamic interactive experiences for museum and Web visitors
LM3LABS LM3LABS develop interactive solutions based on computer vision for the retail industry : Catchyoo and Ubiq'window. The company blog has also many interesting articles.
Reactrix Reactrix helps advertisers, marketers and venue managers reach consumers where they shop, play and work with a high-quality interactive experience that boosts brand awareness and creates a consumer destination.
iBar iBar is a system for the interactive design of any bar-counter. Integrated video-projectors can project any content on the milky bar-surface. The intelligent tracking system of iBar detects all objects touching the surface. This input is used to let the projected content interact dynamically with the movements on the counter. Objects can be illuminated at their position or virtual objects can be "touched" with the fingers.
SMART Technologies, industry leader in interactive whiteboard technology, the SMART Board SMART Technologies Inc. is the world leader in interactive whiteboards and award-winning products which includes the SMART Board, mobile multimedia furniture, whiteboard capture systems and software. These products enhance productivity and communication in meetings, education, presentations and training.
Multi-Touch G² - Touch Screen Technology from PQ Labs - MultiTouch LCD, plasma large display PQ Labs: Multi-Touch G² - Latest technology, Low cost, World-wide delivery. Everything about Multi-Touch, videos, demos, hardware and software.
mtc MultiTouchConsole MultiTouch
impressx impressx - interaktive Technologien auf hohem Niveau
immersive Immersive is a technology based innovation company that enjoys building the next industry-changing technology ideas. With a focus on multi-touch solutions, Immersive conceives, designs, and integrates the next generation tools and technologies that inspire wonder for places, contexts, and devices where none usually exists. See also:
Microsoft Surface
atracsys atracsys offers interactive tabletop solutions using vision-based tracking technologies. They sells interactive systems (beMerlin and atracTable) and tracking systems.
DiamondTouch by Circle Twelve Circle Twelve is the exclusive source for the DiamondTouch table - the world's first multi-user touch technology. With DiamondTouch, people can gather around the table, look at each other eye to eye, and interact with the same thing at the same time.
Touchtech We develop multi-touch solutions for communication in new nontraditional ways. Communication that gives your costumers, visitors and business contacts an informative and interactive experience. Also social since the multi-touch technique enables many people to explore the content of the screen simultaneously, with fingers or other objects as navigation tools. We offer an entertaining way for you to display your promotional material, something that fits perfectly on fairs, in stores and in offices.
Cyviz Cyviz develops, manufactures and markets premium display walls for collaborative environments.
iWindow iWindow is an interactive touch foil for shop windows, it works with rear projection or LCD display
Letvision - Multi Touch Solutions
Smart Surface Sdn Bhd , Multi-touch surface computing Technology, Award Winning MultiTouch Solutions
Future Instruments Future Instruments will begin marketing their innovative multi-touch system in September 2009. As seen on YouTube, the Mute Kit (Multi-touch Everywhere) allows one to turn any flat surface into a multi-touch interface for controlling musical instruments.
i-Display The i-Display collection is a low-cost interactive display solution for brands and retailers. One continuous movie plays your brand/sales message. Consumers press a button to select 4 additional promo movies. Content can include multi-media presentations with audio soundtrack. The unit has been designed for easy update of display content. A collection of model options that can be placed in strategic retail locations.
MultiTouch MultiTouch provides bleeding edge technology that enables the construction of large multi-touch displays, which can be either LCD or projection based.
Perceptive Pixel Perceptive Pixel, Inc. was founded by Jeff Han in 2006 to develop and market the most advanced multi-touch systems in the world.
TouchTable TouchTable tries to improve decision making abilities by designing and manufacturing collaboration systems that allow for the accurate visualization, analysis and sharing of data.
mtc - multi touch console
Arcstream AV interactive technologies
Multitouch Interview | Fabrik Project MultiTouch Barcelona Text and Interview by Marvin Milanese In the last years technology has advanced in giant steps...this is not a new thing but :: Home
IntuiLab - Innovative interfaces for people. We create extraordinary user experiences in the form of surface computing interfaces that bring you tangible value.
Kicker Studio Kicker Studio: Product Design for New Technology
pointui As proven by the success of iPhone, touch technologies cannot survive without excellent user interfaces. The company lists three user interfaces for Windows Mobile PDA and Smartphones.
Acrodea | Acrodea Acrodea
roaminteractive Roam Interactive is a multi-disciplinary firm comprised of highly talented individuals from a range of industry sectors including Architecture, Graphic Design, Software development, Property Marketing and Brand Management. Moixa is awarded a patent on its apple sized multi-touch sphere that can be used to display the world (e.g. Google Earth), browse web pages or control interactive games.
TAT - The Astonishing Tribe
Stimulant Stimulant creates digital experiences that evoke wonder, designing and developing natural interactions for uncommon contexts.
UI Centric Specialist user interface design, development and information architecture company based in Soho, London.
IdentityMine Combining the best of what you expect from an innovative design agency and an expert software development firm, IdentityMine brings a blended approach to the world of user experience through the use of WPF, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface and Natural UI(NUI) technologies. Offering services spanning the UX Continuum, we’re helping clients create immersive applications across platforms and devices; Windows 7, Media Center, web, mobile, Microsoft Surface and other touch technologies.
Proximity Lab - Innovative Experience Design, User Interface and Web Applications Partner with us for innovative experience design. We build web applications and user interfaces that directly address consumer needs and solve business problems.
Mindstorm Interactive Surface Solutions - Home Mindstorm is an award-winning software company that helps you do more with surfaces than you ever thought possible. Inventors of the iSurface, including the iBar, iWall and iTable.
NearInteraction Brand experience through technological innovation. NearInteraction is specialized in the development of creative interactive solutions, and new media strategies for branding and advertising.
Patten Studio Patten Studio creates new interactive experiences and user interfaces. Patten Studio merges art and design talent with in-depth technical knowledge to create interactive experiences. The company develops interactive surfaces such as tables and walls for public spaces such as museums, as well as for industrial applications. It also develops and licenses custom sensing technologies for interactive applications.
Cyan[c] Design :: Interactive Design Professional | Multi-touch Enthusiast Cyan[c] Design, also know as Christopher Yanc, is an interactive designer in the Northeast Ohio Area. Chris's work includes Flash design and development, front-end HTML design and development, and a strong interest in multi-touch hardware and Flash application development.
InfoStrat Infostrat is working with Microsoft to bring business applications and data together with Virtual Earth on the Microsoft Single View Platform (SVP). (added November 18, 2009)
SensoryMinds Natural Interface Design (added November 21, 2009)
Swype Touch Screen Text Entry Solution for Mobile Devices
Hot Virtual Keyboard Hot Virtual Keyboard is the Windows virtual keyboard software supporting touch screens and multi touch.
Butterfly Haptics Butterfly Haptics develops 6 - 7 DOF haptic device based on the theory of magnetic levitation. The system was first developed at Carnegie Mellon in 1997 and now is commercialized. Do not place your credit card around it.
3D Displays and Interaction
EON Reality, Inc. Provider of interactive 3D visual content management and virtual reality software
IO2Technology The World's first interactive video into air display. Project interactive video images into free-space that double as a virtual touchscreen.
Canesta, Inc Canesta, Inc. is a developer of patented user interface technology that renders a new paradigm for the interaction between humans and a broad spectrum of electronic devices including cell phones, PDAs and Internet appliances.

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Force pressure touch technology: FSR sensor, electronics, firmware and software
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