Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Anywhere MultiTouch: Leveraging Acoustics With Aplomb!

sensitive object

Since the day that the touch interface was first introduced, it has gained in recognition and functionality like nothing else. With a single touch being able to transform the entire display, navigation was becoming more natural and accessing the programs mere child’s play. In fact, touch sensitivity just got smarter with the installation of Anywhere MultiTouch, an extremely intuitive platform which uses piezoelectric sensors. The result of this innovation is that the entire device becomes touch sensitive instead of only the display. Sensitive Object is the French firm which developed this popular idea and now Motorola wants to capitalize on it. The technology involves deciphering the location of the touch through acoustic imaging.

The man-machine interface method focuses on traditional touch and multitouch input. The ReverSys system used in this technology interprets the surface of touch. The acoustic signature can be linked to the action of the user. The piezoelectric sensors have been employed to determine the sound waves emanating from the location of contact. There are various applications which can make use of this technology. This is because this interface can be used in glass, aluminum and plastics. This advanced platform can even make use of Windows7 and has the ability to recognize handwriting.

Devices which use the touch interface like cell phones, laptops, netbooks, PCs and portable games terminals can now be richer with the integration of this technology. Imagine touching the cell phone at any location instead of only the display surface! Sensitive Objects, the maker of this technology has already made its presence felt in various fields like home automation and gaming. Now it aims to diversify into the realm of handheld and consumer markets.

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