Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dell and HP Go Head on with Optical Multi-touch Technology!

Dell SX2210T and HP L2105tm

The touch screen is now old and the war intensifies with giants like Dell and HP getting head on with the new optical multi-touch technology, which happens to be the latest entrant to the computer hardware segment. Both the rivals came up with two pretty smart products in the optical multi touch technology. Dell SX2210T and HP L2105tm were launched with a short span of time. Optical multi touch technology aims to make the users empowered with only few soft touches to get the desired functions in the computer.

Both the devices are equipped with a small camera or CMOS sensor placed in the top corners of the display screen, which explains the optical multi-touch technology. This sensor captures the hand movements of the user and can guide to folders or files without even having the user to place a finger touch. But the clumsiest thing about both Dell SX2210T and HP L2105tm is that, if you happen to hover your finger close to the icons then you may end up opening folders or functions unnecessarily. Both the devices come loaded with Microsoft windows 7.

The single finger scrolling web pages are one of the positive traits that even give the trendiest mouse a run for money. This, however, is a trait that can be explored by the high-end touch screen cell phone users, who are aquatinted with touch sensitive screens. At the same time, here the screens are huge and don’t offer the comfort of playing with the screen.

Dell SX2210T and HP L2105tm devices are plain looking things and don’t have anything spectacular about their looks. Dell, however, comes with a black transitional screen at the front, a milky white back and a slimmer body, which makes it look a little different from its HP counterpart that comes with the usual black body. While Dell has the configuration menu and the buttons on the side, HP has got the buttons on the middle and looks more professional yet not very inviting.

With both their pros and cons, Dell SX2210T and HP L2105tm may score a few point more or less above each other. However, though the optical multi-touch screen is a definite thing for the future, right now it would have to wait to be fully adopted by the normal user.

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