Friday, December 11, 2009

Hear the Alarm Bells Ringing With the Bio Circuit Vest

Bio Circuit
It has been some years now that bio circuits have been in action. They are a form of vibration healing which has been developed after several studies involving chemists, doctors, psychologists and other professionals. These bio circuits have a special healing capability which is brought about by balancing the bodily energy. This can be achieved by connecting the meridian terminations based in the hands to the points near the bottom of the spine and the base of the neck. The energy flows through the copper electrodes connected to the meridian via copper wires to the copper screen which radiate the energy. The whole experience brings energy flooding back to your veins and you feel rejuvenated.

Making use of this technology, Dana Ramler and Holly Schmidt from Emily Carr University have developed a bio circuit vest. It is possible to monitor the heart rate and play a set of soundscapes by wearing this vest. Quite unbelievably, what has gone into designing this vest is only a heart rate monitor, a hacked MP3 player and a LilyPad Arduino. Every time that the heart beats, the bio circuits connect with the inner workings of the wearer of the vest. The garment can be a pointer to the emotional state of a person and can make him aware of his heightened anxiety or calmness.

A low heart rate can be interpreted through quiet sounds emanating from the soundscape like water, birds and insects. A higher heart rate will be highlighted through people talking in a loud voice and sounds of heavy traffic. The environment becomes a medium to express the emotional state of a person. This is a wonderful way to take stock of your mental state but it constantly requires you to wear the vest. But the bio circuit vest will certainly be able to integrate a sense of well being in a person.

Bio Circuit - a wearable soundscape from dana ramler on Vimeo.

Dana Ramler via fashioningtechnology, makezine

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