Thursday, December 24, 2009

Keystick – An Extremely Handy Multi-foldable Portable Keyboard!

With every gadget having the single goal to be small and handy, portable gadgets are much in demand rather than the heavier and bigger devices. Talk about a thin netbook or a small mobile phone, all we need is small items that takes less space while packing and doesn’t add to the weight of your backpack. Foldable and Portable devices are much in demand as they are easy to carry and more refined now a days. This is the reason why manufacturers want to make devices smaller and smaller. If you find the keyboard of your laptop is too clumsy, then you can always try a Multi Foldable Portable Keyboard. Designed to fit all your keyboard needs without giving you a small enough keyboard space, this portable device is very easy to type. Still in the concept stage, Keystick would prove to be a smart device to carry with your mobile phone or small laptop.

Designed by Yoonsang Kim and Eunsung Park, this Multi Foldable Portable Keyboard can be folded away like a Japanese hand fan and placed in your back pack with ease. When folded properly, this keyboard looks like a fat ruler and is light enough for you to carry anywhere you go. It appears as a normal full size sleek keyboard when unfolded properly. Initially conceptualized as a personal keyboard, Keystick, is also for those who hate to use the keyboards used by others. Though it misses the spot for your iPhones or smartphones like its predecessor, Bluetooth portable keyboard from Microsoft, Keystick can be used with a small Bluetooth chip that can be attached to its top extreme right.

Keystick also provides ample space for you to press the keys and comes as a relief for the cumbersome miniature keyboards that come with our smartphones. Keystick, the fan folding type keyboard’s accordion shape makes it extremely easier to fold and store in your backpack. It is pretty thin hence doesn’t bulge out like the earlier portable keyboards.

via Yanko Design

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