Thursday, December 3, 2009

Portable Recorder for Musicians

Petr Hampl’s innovative electronic musical instrument
Music composers are a creative lot with immense talent and an undying craving to produce something new every time. Their creative instincts work constantly, drawing inspiration from anything that strikes them. They can create ideas even when they are not in their professional surroundings. We often hear that musicians are found writing famous songs in parks or at coffee shops or even at a beach. Clearly, locations or surroundings seldom influence their creativity and they can translate their ideas into beautiful composition with admirable ease. However, the only problem for some might be the difficulty to capture their fleeting thoughts instantaneously. Good news is now they can use technology to capture their innovating ideas instantly with the help of some superior and handy gadgets that can record their innovative ideas. Offering the best solution to this issue is the Petr Hampl’s innovative electronic musical instrument that helps musicians record their inspirations instantly with the tap of their fingers.

The product comprises a set of a recorder, a glove with sound sensors and a pair headphones that assist musicians record their own sounds and rhythms as and when desired. The expertly designed electronic device makes use of friction-sensitive sensors that enable the user to create rhythms just by finger tapping. The functioning of the product is simple to understand. A recorder is fixed on the back of the glove that runs software which records the input sounds in preset models. The recorded material is then wirelessly, probably via Bluetooth is sent to the headphones. This recorded composition is saved in the device so that one can edit it later as per requirement to create a masterpiece.

A portable and handy device, the product is best for all those professionals as well as amateurs who are always pondering over creating best compositions. No matter where they are, they can always create compositions and record the same in this electronic musical instrument for further use. Easy to carry and simple to use, the product is a must item for the musicians who always want to remain intact with their talent and creativity.

Source: Petr Hampl via Trends Updates

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