Friday, December 4, 2009

Ring Walled

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Adding to the marvels of modern science is the creation of the Ring wall. Having taken more than 1.5 years of development, it is the world’s largest as well as longest multi-touch wall that can be used by numerous persons at the same time. Launched in Nürburgring (a famous motor sport race track around the village of Nürburg, Germany), this multi-user wall can be used not only as a central information system but also as an innovative device and advertising media tool for public viewing. With just a simple touch, more than 80 users can simultaneously get informed about news and activities around the world.

Setting a milestone in the arena of touch screen technology, the Ring wall is a two-piece system comprising a colossal LED media at the top and a multi-touch information wall at the bottom. The overwhelming size of the wall with a total surface area of about 425 square meters is equivalent to nearly 6000 computer displays and hence is the biggest of its own kind. The interactive interface brings information and other content to the users through its 15 high definition projectors, supporting 34 million pixels. Adding to the overall visual appeal of the wall is the 30 directional speakers that produce incredible audio.

Based on laser technology with multi-sensors, also called as Laser Light Plane Illumination (LLP), the ring wall transforms the usage of the natural user interface into a memorable experience. The dynamic and multi-touch/multi-point interface reacts to every move of your finger in order to deliver a rich, interactive experience.

The multi-touch surface computing technology coupled with motion sensing gesture control interface, transforms the Ring Wall into an interactive multi-touch surface computing platform that can be used numerous people at the same time.

A massive and immersive display system, the Ring wall’s development has brought down the interaction barriers between man and machine.

ring°wall from SENSORY-MINDS on Vimeo.

SENSORY MINDS via Ubergizmo

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