Monday, December 21, 2009

Tactile Sensing and Fabric Interface Videos – for a Coffee Break

Vision-based Tactile Sensing

GelSight achieves a high-precision tactile sensing. It can even detect fingerprints.


Exploring the Potential of GelSight

GelForce at Tachi Lab utilizes a transparent elastic material, two layers of blue and red markers, and a camera. When a user touches GelForce, the blue and red markers are distorted. The camera acquires the image and calculate the magnitude and direction of the applied force.

GelForce - SIGGRAPH 2004 Emerging Technologies

Hairy Tactile Sensing

Fibratus tactile sensor provides a new way of sensing mothers’ soft touches. This hairy (furry?) sensor is composed of flexible fibers, silicon rubbers, patterned surfaces and a CCD camera.
[1]    S. Saga, S. Kuroki, N. Kawakami, and S. Tachi, "Fibratus tactile sensor using reflection on an optical lever," in SIGGRAPH 2007 Emerging Technologies, 2007.

Fibratus Tactile Sensor - SIGGRAPH 2007 Emerging Technologies

Fibratus Tactile Sensor

Fabric User Interfaces

Eleksen SideShow bag for Windows Vista

Eleksen Fabric Keyboard

Robot Skins (A.K.A Eskins or Electronic Skins)

Tactile Robotic Hand - Featured on Hacked Gadgets

PPS RoboTouch for WillowGarage PR2

Tactile Sensor

Highly Conductive Film That Can Stretch :DigInfo

University of Tsukuba Human Skin-Like Thin, Flexible Pressure Sensor : DigInfo

Kinotex Pressure Sensor


Updated Feb. 28, 2010


Capacitive Tactile Sensor

polymer based flexible capacitive tactile sensor array at Micro Technology Laboratory, University of Washington


Optical Tactile Sensor Applied to 3D Interface Control

Optical Tactile Sensor Applied to 3D Interface Control

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