Thursday, December 31, 2009

Windows Touch – The World Is At Your Fingertips

It was indeed a relief when the touchscreen interface came into effect. The use of the fingers on the cell phone display made everything seem too easy. Navigation was a cinch and no one can discount the glamorous part as well. Well, the PC world has woken up to the fact that this could be a great investment for them too. Windows Touch has entered the world of multitouch technology. It comes with the integration of Windows 7 with a touchscreen PC. Just a tap of the fingertips and the whole display transforms under your eyes. The multitouch gestures have been modeled on the very same gestures that you used to make with the mouse. The double click has been transformed into two consecutive taps of the fingertips.

Other gestures too have been developed in the way that you would normally react to physical object. Scrolling down a webpage will require you to drag your finger down the page. You can zoom in by spreading two fingers apart on the screen and zoom in by doing just the opposite. Rotating the image can also be done by mimicking the action with two fingers. In fact, any software which works with Windows 7 can use Windows Touch. Imagine painting a picture with your fingers! The process is bound to get more exciting and interesting with the introduction of more applications which support the Windows Touch.

Although the touch interface is nothing new to the PC world, yet Windows Touch extends it to all points on the screen. And talking of developing new software for this technology helps us recognize the Microsoft Touch Pack which has plenty of games based on Windows Touch. You can even spin a 3D Earth on its axis with your fingers for support. You can unravel the mysteries of physics or play a super efficient ball game. If this is only the beginning, then we are bound to get much more intricate and interactive software which will make the “touch” experience a very exciting one indeed.

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