Friday, January 8, 2010

Can The Moixa Sphere Live Up To The Expectations?

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Handheld devices are certainly gaining in popularity and the latest one to come into the limelight is the Moixa Sphere. It is shaped like an apple and also weighs as much as an apple does. It is a spherical display and control device which can be used in the form of a sphere or collapsed to form an ellipsoid. There is a cube assembly interior to the sphere which rests on a centrally hinged spring. The outer surface is totally transparent and all the digital displays are embedded on it. The circuitry is closed from view and remains to the inner side of the cube. Surface position sensing layers are present on the sphere with the cube being responsible for the gyroscopic and inertial sensing devices. This is very helpful to manipulate 3D applications with the help of spherical rotation and physical displacement data.

In order to make the device resemble a spherical display, the Sphere is fitted with curved polarizer lenses. This can also function equally well when the device is collapsed to form an ellipsoid. There are many applications which can be run on the Sphere like an interactive world map. It is also possible to navigate the web and use several interactive applications. Multitouch interactions like selection, zooming and 6-degree rotational and gyroscopic actions can be done easily. Interactive games can make good use of this technology along with difficult control situations in virtual space.

The Sphere can be recharged by opening a petal from the surface. It forms a part of the evolving technology to create an increasing number of advanced portable computing devices. It is expected that the future might see reduction of phones and portable computing devices to input/output and power. As in the Sphere, we will place our trust on services, memory and mapping stored on the web. Due in 2010, the Moixa Sphere will help proclaim the future of handheld control devices.

via Pocket Lint and GadgetyNews

US20070247439 Spherical Display and Control Device

US20070247439 Spherical Display and Control Device -

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