Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dual Touch Nokia M31 – A Trendy Cell Phone Concept!

Nokia M31

Concept gadgets are designed to make the next generation visible before your eyes. And with every new design our eyes widen with expectation. One such design that would appeal to the senses of the gizmo aficionado in you is the Dual Touch Nokia M31. This concept phone is both a visual and graphical wonder. Designed by Jon DeGorsky, Nokia M31 is no doubt something to talk about. Inspired from basic crop circles, this concept cell phone boasts of two touch screens. Hidden with a smart slide, these touch screen displays are visible once you slide it open.

When you check the Nokia M31 dual touch concept cell phone, the first thing that attracts one’s eye is its unique shape. Resembling a SIM, the sliders conceal the virtual numeric key pad. While the top touch screen gets you essential and quick searches like the contacts, mails, messaging, as well as games, calendar and internet browsing features. Also you get a quick launch to the phones tools or settings. The concealed inner touch screen display provides the alphabets or the letter interface, numbers or the numeric interface and the interface changing bar. Loaded with a smartly incorporated camera, N31 is not just going to stay in the concept stage.

Jon DeGorsky concept is no doubt much of crop circles but its sleek and small design is going to impress the younger tech trendy generation. Though it may not actually please those who do not love great evolvement from what is already known as standard hand phones. Easy to sneak into your tight jeans, and look hep with your casuals, N31 promises a broader experience. With the small gadget packed with all essential features, why crowd on a bigger and much complicated device? The future is all about simpler and more sophisticated devices.

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