Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make “Sense” of the Display


Wouldn’t it be great if we could touch, smell and taste everything on the Internet? Well, a new technology has now been introduced by C, D&I Associates which will emotionally touch our lives and also enable to connect to everything on the Internet. Dubbed “Sense”, the product has a unique design and is totally wireless. You can get a more sensitive experience with the online movie and games through this device. Imagine being able to touch and feel a dress before buying it! Or even tasting your favorite pizza before ordering for it! The concept is surely going to affect online shopping in a big way.

Sense has been integrated with part smell magnification system, smell and flavor-ink micro-printer and a tactic screen through which you will be able to get a tactile experience of physical products. 13 basic combinations of wax cartridges are used by the micro-printer to print translucent sheets which simulates the flavor of the product on the website which really melts in the roof of your mouth. You can both smell and taste the product. The flavors of sour, bitter, sweet, salty and spicy and the smell of mint, floral, ethereal, musk, camphor, spicy and putrid can be felt through the cartridges.

There is a touch screen display which uses nanotechnology to reproduce the tactile experience. By inserting your hand inside the Sense sheath, you can gain an understanding of the softness, hardness, roughness, temperature and pressure. Voice programming is also possible and so also the ability to read Braille text. You can even download applications from the Internet which you can use on Sense. With the device getting ready to take us to a world where we can experience the feeling of buying things at an actual store from our very home, it remains to be seen how acceptable the solution is going to be.

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