Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Multi Touch Simulation with a Mouse

Apple’s patent application US20090213083 claims methods of simulating multi touch with a mouse.

[0007]A received single-point gesture input can be converted to a multi-point gesture input by various predefined methods. For example, a received single point gesture input can be used as a first gesture input while a second gesture input can be generated by displacing the first gesture input by a predefined vector. Alternatively, or in addition, the second gesture input can be defined as a being a gesture symmetrical to the first gesture input with respect to a predefined point. In another alternative, multiple single point gesture inputs can be consecutively received from the single pointing device and converted into a multi-point gesture input that defines an at least partially simultaneous performance of the consecutively received multiple single point inputs.

I am a little skeptical that Apple can get a granted patent with this application.

US20090213083 Simulation of Multi-Point Gestures with a Single Pointing Device _Apple_ -

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