Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Music Genre Table – Discover the Beauty and Diversity of Music

Music Genres Table
[Image by Second Story via Flickr]

World music comprises different genres and styles. If you are a music lover who enjoys different types of music and likes to explore different music genres, then music genre table is the item to watch out for. Installed at the Grammy museum in Los Angeles, it a 19-foot interactive table that allows the visitors to discover the diversity of more than 150 genres of music. No matter which music genre you prefer, it’s all there. All you need to do is to browse through the host of stored data in order to select your favorite music. A treat for the all the music aficionados, this music wonder table offers all types of music from various renowned musicians along with sound visualizations.

Unfolding the beauty of musical landscape to the visitors, this large-format table is divided into eight sections. Up to 20 people can use the table at the same time and listen to their favorite music genres through the available headphones. This is not all. The interactive table also has other rich contents of the music world that is sure to captivate one’s attention. Images of key artists, excerpts of representative songs and detailed information of different genres allow the visitor to explore more about the music world. One can easily open up the photos and songs of a particular genre and link it to other genres to discover the interconnections between musical genres.

Making everything more interesting and appealing for the guests, the interrelations between genres are visualized through animations which highlight related musical styles, genres or “crossovers”. A complete infotainment package, it brings forward musical diversity and it beauty in the most captivating manner. With more than 150 genres of music at your fingertips, this fluid touch screen offers you a lifetime experience not only to enjoy diverse music styles but also to learn about new configured genres.

Link: Second Story Music Genres Table

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