Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amazon has acquired Touchco, Wow.

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The New York Times reported that Amazon has acquired Touchco.
A few days ago, I tweeted Touchco stopped doing business. At that time, I roughly guessed that it was acquired by a touch screen company, but never imagined that it is Amazon.
From the technical point of view, however, Touchco is a good choice for Amazon.
You know that Amazon’s Kindle uses E-ink display. And Touchco showed off two interesting demos showing the possibility of applying its IFSR technology to flexible E-ink display (Unfortunately, Youtube demo clips are not public now).

Touchco IFSR sensor behind flexible E-ink display Touchco IFSR Writing/Demo Demonstration

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Touchco Technology
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Video Clips
Youtube video clips are now closed. Followings are few live video clips on the Net.

Updated Feb. 6, 2010
ASU Flexible Display Center has developed a working prototype of touch sensitive e-paper display. You can get a clue how the future Kindle would be.

Updated Feb. 17, 2010: Touchco Demo Videos
I recently found a video collection of Touchco IFSR multi touch technology.

[Touchco IFSR 3D Navigation]

[Touchco IFSR Enhanced User Interaction]

[Touchco IFSR Multi-Touch Technology]

[Touchco IFSR Sensor Behind Flexible E-ink Display]

[Touchco IFSR Writing with Palm Rejection]

[Touchco IFSR Writing Demonstration]

Updated Nov. 29, 2010

If you miss the Touchco's pressure sensitive touch panel, SUI is another candidate for you

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