Friday, February 5, 2010

LCD Multi Touch Using Inverted FTIR Technology

Researchers at TUM have developed an LCD multitouch setup using an overhead camera and FTIR technology. The authors call the combination Inverted FTIR.


Inverted FTIR: Easy Multitouch Sensing for Flatscreens


The main difference of Inverted FTIR compared with FTIR multi touch comes from the fact that camera is placed over the screen. So, an LCD display is easily integrated into the FTIR multi touch system.


Inverted FTIR



F. Echtler, A. Dippon, M. Tonnis, and G. Klinker, "Inverted FTIR: Easy Multitouch Sensing for Flatscreens," in ITS2009 Banff, Canada, 2009.

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