Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mgestyk’s Free-Hand 3D Gestural User Interface

Mgestyk is a technology company that provides a free-hand 3D gestural user interface like Oblong industries. Below is the description of their technology:

“Mgestyk combines powerful software for hand-gesture language processing with an affordable 3D camera. Our patent-pending technology makes it possible to capture small hand movements and translate them into useful commands for controlling practically any Windows application.

Whether it's a simple cursor for browsing the web or a complex set of two-handed gestures for Flight Simulator, our desktop software makes it easy to map gestures to custom actions.

Since gesture processing is done directly on 3D data, any data beyond a certain depth (such as background color or people walking behind you) can be ignored and will not affect accuracy. Processing is also not affected by the lighting in the room.

Best of all, there are no special gloves to wear or brightly-colored objects to hold.”




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