Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Touch Technology Issue by Geoff Walker

March 2010 Vol. 26, No. 03 Touch Technology Issue
“• Consumer-device manufacturers are adopting touch at a very rapid rate.
• New touch technologies are being created.
• Touch is growing 3X (units) to 10X (revenue) faster than the display industry.
• Existing touch technologies are being refined and enhanced.
• Projected-capacitive-touch revenue has rocketed from $20 million to $600 million in 3 years.
• The pace and scope of university research on touch has accelerated.
• Display Week has dedicated one of the four half-day Sunday Short Courses to touch.
• SID has designated touch as a special area of focus and created symposium sessions exclusively for touch.
• Touch startups are being funded or acquired when they rarely would have been in the past (FlatFrog, Touchco, Sensitive Objects …).
• New conferences and shows devoted to touch are being created worldwide.”
Geoff Walker
Information Display


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