Monday, May 24, 2010

Capacitive Touch Screens Go Large

Usually, (projected) capacitive touch screens are used for small display devices. It’s mainly due to EMI (electro-magnetic interference) problem when the touch screens become large. Even though such a difficulty, some companies have showed off large capacitive multi-touch touch screens in the market and media. Here are two examples.

3M M2256PW
3M offers M2256PW 22” LCD multi-touch monitor using 3M PCT Multi-Touch Technology. It’s larger than its 19” predecessor.
  • 20-finger multi-touch input
  • Less than 6ms multi-touch response time (for all 20 fingers) for applications that are speed sensitive
  • Precise, accurate touch for detailed applications
  • Multi-user and multi-tasking capabilities
  • Projected Capacitive touch technology with a durable glass front surface

According to a press release and maxTouch website, the maXTouch controller can be applied to up to 15.6” displays with following features:
  • True multi-touch capability with support for up to 16 fingers
  • Fastest response times in the industry
  • Industry-leading power consumption to preserve battery life
  • Rejection of unintended touches
  • Stretch/pinch and rotate gestures
  • Stylus support
  • Handwriting and shape recognition
  • Industry-leading accuracy, linearity, and signal-to-noise


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