Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sony artacTable with 3D multitouch due June 2010

Sony's 35-inch atracTable to be 'industrialized' in June, show Microsoft how it's done (video)
“Swiss company Atracsys swims in the same waters as Microsoft's mythical Surface beast -- namely, multitouch horizontal displays -- but where it might differ from its more lauded competitor is in actually bringing its hardware to wider markets. Having sold the tech knowhow to Sony, the company is today informing the world that its atracTable is ready for mass production and commercialization this June. We've been told that prototype designs are now "finished," leaving only the marketing, pricing and distribution details to be worked out. A high-contrast, Full HD screen is promised, which will be able to communicate with your mobile devices (naturally) or respond to motion input picked up by a pair of Sony's camcorders which come built in. Skip past the break for a couple of video demos from last year.”


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