Thursday, February 11, 2016

Silicon Labs Wearable Sensor Platform Demo at 2015 Embedded World

Welcome to Project Soli

Syfy @ CES 2016 | AirBar

Palm Rejection Using Spatiotemporal Touch Features and Iterative Classif...

Belt An Unobtrusive Touch Input Device for Head worn Displays

Tomo: Wearable, Low-Cost Electrical Impedance Tomography for Hand Gestur...

UIST 2015: ToCHI Paper Exploring and Understanding Unintended Touch duri...

PrintScreen: Fabricating Highly Customizable Thin-film Touch-Displays

FuwaFuwa: Detecting Shape Deformation of Soft Objects Using Photoreflect...

Capricate: Designing and 3D Printing of Capacitive Touch Sensors

GelTouch: Localized Tactile Feedback Through Thin, Programmable Gel

EM-Sense: Touch Recognition of Uninstrumented Electrical and Electromech...

Zero-Latency Tapping (UIST 2014)

Smart Makerspace: An Immersive Instructional Space for Physical Tasks

HaptiCase: Back-of-Device Tactile Landmarks for Eyes-Free Absolute Indir...

CapAuth (ACM ITS 2015)

SmartTokens: Embedding Motion and Grip Sensing in Small Tangible Objects

FlickBoard: Enabling Trackpad Interaction with Automatic Mode Switching ...

Printed Keyboard

Textile integrated pressure sensors

Direct PCB Printing with a Modified Laser Printer

Printem: Instant Printed Circuit Boards with Standard Office Printers & ...

Multitexco fabric pressure sensor

ROYOLE Rollable Transparent Keyboard, Flexible Touch Sensor

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kitronyx Releases New Force Sensor Products

Kitronyx releases new FSR matrix sensors

MS9705 Large Area FSR Matrix Array Sensor (48x48 Rows and Columns / 384mm x 384mm Active Sensing Area)

MS9711 Large Area FSR Matrix Array Sensor (24x24 Rows and Columns / 384mm x 384mm Active Sensing Area)

MS9712 Mid Area FSR Matrix Array Sensor (48x48 Rows and Columns / 240mm x 240mm Active Sensing Area)


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Force pressure touch technology: FSR sensor, electronics, firmware and software
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