Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snaplet: A Flexible E Ink Wristband Computer That Senses Its Shape - YouTube

PaperTab: Revolutionary paper tablet reveals future tablets to be thin and flexible as paper. - YouTube

Typing on a touch surface - APCHI 2012 - YouTube

PenTable - YouTube

[UIST2012] Bimanual Gesture Keyboard - YouTube

Android™ Solution for Large-format Multi-touch Displays - YouTube

Extended MultiTouch: UIST 2012 - Demo Video - YouTube

FingerGlass: Efficient Multiscale Interaction on Multitouch Screens - YouTube

Rock-Paper-Fibers: Bringing Physical Affordance to Mobile Touch Devices - YouTube

Magic Desk: Bringing Multi-Touch Surfaces into Desktop Work - YouTube

I love it!!!

M├ętamorphe Keyboard (CHI 2013) full video - YouTube

LongPad, CHI 2013 - YouTube

Canopy Sensus multi-touch iPhone case - CES 2013 - YouTube

FlatFrog Planner Scatter Detection Technology


FlatFrog's multi-touch technology, called Planar Scatter Detection (PSD), is a groundbreaking optical in-glass technology with unprecedented performance through advanced opto-mechanics and signal processing. PSD is the leading optical in-glass technology and is setting a new standard for true multi-touch application.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Playsurface: The Affordable Multi-Touch Computing Table by Len White — Kickstarter

PyzoFlex - YouTube

4 by 4 Fabric Touch Sensor Matrix - YouTube

PyzoFlex - Printed Piezoelectric Pressure Sensing Foil (UIST 2012 Full Paper) - YouTube

It's very creative work to use old technology for trending applications. What I like is that it can sense hover as well as pressure.

multi-touch pressure sensor - YouTube

A ball shaped pressure sensing multi-touch device is discussed in the video.

ForcePhone - YouTube

ForcePhone is a mobile synchronous haptic communication system. During phone calls, users can squeeze the side of the device and the pressure level is mapped to vibrations on the recipient’s device. The pressure/vibrotactile messages supported by ForcePhone are called pressages. (from http://www.hiit.fi/uix)


Force, Pressure, and Touch - kitronyx.com
Force pressure touch technology: FSR sensor, electronics, firmware and software
Design Service Low Cost Pressure Mapping
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