Sunday, November 14, 2010

Different People, Different Gestures


IUP has interviewed 340 participants in nine countries and draw several interesting implications about multi-touch gesture interaction.

“Around the globe, users use the same gestures to operate multi-touch interfaces - as confirmed by a study of the International Usability Partners (IUP). The international network interviewed 340 participants in nine countries wanted to find out about cultural differences in operating multi-touch interfaces. Another result of the study: a gesture set, recommending intuitive gestures for 28 actions to support designers in interface design.”

Very interesting!

Thanks, Andreas.

Link: A cultural touch – Study analyzes cultural differences in using multi-touch interfaces

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stretchable electronic skin - Nokia Research Centre

Excerpt: "The electronic skin uses evaporated gold as a conductor. Researchers have created an electronic touchpad that can be pulled like a rubber band. Yet it responds to touch and pressure."

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Projected Capacitive Touch Screen White Paper

Touch International shared me a helpful article to understand projected capacitive touch technology.

Projected Capacitive Touch Screens (PDF)

Mutual Capacitive Sensing

More white papers about touch technologies can be found here.

Thanks, Touch International.

Touch Sensitive Robot

Capacitive touchscreen that senses gloves and pens

Hitachi has given a demonstration of a new capacitive touchscreen that could allow touch without needing direct finger contact. The surface still uses projection to catch the input but can recognize not only a thin layer in between, such as cloth from a glove, but also completely inanimate points such as a pen or a fingernail, Japan's Nikkei BP learned.

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Credit Card with Braille Display

>> "The Credit Card for the Blind looks complicated but is quite simple to use. It uses the cardholder’s fingerprint (using fingerprint recognition software) as their signature and the Braille on the display for transaction details."

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